Letting go of someone you loved may seem an impossible task.
We can help you change your perspective on death, dying and grief.
Together we can find a place of peace, for you and the soul you mourn.
Together we can start with a basic plan for your speedy recovery from the grief that constricts you.

Please allow us to show you some inexpensive yet respectful methods of honoring your loved one.
www.freegriefcounseling.com free grief counseling
"Surviving grief is easier when you look at it from the perspective of the departed. When
you understand death is not FINAL, and your goodbyes are only temporary, peace follows."
-Mike Einspanjer (Grief Counselor)
www.freegriefcounseling.com     free grief counseling
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free grief counseling
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Free Grief Counseling
Free Grief Counseling
www.freegriefcounseling.com free grief counseling
We offer decades of experience dealing
with traumatic loss, suicides and answering
questions about the afterlife.
www.freegriefcounseling.com FREE GRIEF COUNSELING
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free grief counseling
Free Grief Counseling, www.freegriefcounseling.com
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www.freegriefcounseling.com   free grief counseling
we are an ally for the gay and transgender community
This is a free grief counseling service for the poor and uninsured only.
This is a FREE service designed specifically for the
UNINSURED. People should never be turned away
because they lack money or insurance.
free grief counseling
fre grief counseling
Thank you!
A friend once asked me,
"How do I move on?"
By changing your
perspective from YOU to
the person you mourn.
Allow THEM to move on.
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